Welcome to the Toddler Regalia Review Web Edition

The Toddler Regalia Review, Celebration’s most adorable event, showcases traditional and contemporary Southeast Alaska Native regalia modeled by Sealaska shareholders and shareholder descendants ages 2 to 4 years.

Albert Kookesh IV

Albert is 4 years old, Tlingit, and from Angoon. He is of the Teikweidí clan, and is L’eeneidí yádi. Albert’s Lingít name is Nagooti. His parents are Shiann and Albert Kookesh III. 

Regalia: Albert’s button blanket was passed down from his older sister, and made by his Grandma Sally. His moccasins were also a gift given to him by his Grandma Sally. His headpiece was gifted to him from his papa Albert. Albert has an apron that was made by Samara Kookesh during a Sealaska summer camp. The drum Albert has was painted by his sister Cheyenne Kookesh.

Sage Wallace Sanidad

Sage is 3 years old, Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian from Seattle. He is Ganhada, and his Sm’algyax name is Łgu Dziiws, which means Little Sunshine. Sage’s parents are Christy and Darius Sanidad.

Regalia: Sage has a cedar bark hat that was gifted to the Git Hoan dancers by Haida weaver Merle Anderson. He wears a deer hide tunic that was made to replicate his dad’s tunic, and an apron, both designed and painted by his Yaya, David A. Boxley, dance leader of Git Hoan. Both the tunic and the apron feature a Raven, and the apron is finished with sea otter fur. The headpiece, an articulated Raven forehead mask, you see Sage wearing in the Toddler Regalia Review video was also made and carved by David A. Boxley. This headpiece was made for Sage so that he could dance the Git Hoan Raven song with his dad and uncles.

Juliet Rose Hotch

Juliet is 3 years old, Tlingit, from Juneau, and her families come from Hoonah and Klukwan. She is Chookaneidí, Xáay Hítdáx, and L’uknax.ádi yádi. Juliet’s Lingít name is Kachkaník. Her parents are Jill Kaasteen Meserve and Jacob Hotch. 

Regalia: Juliet is wearing a vest that her mom wore when she was her age. The vest was gifted by her great grandmother, Grace Villarreal. The vest was made by Wanda Culp, and the Eagle was made by Charlotte McConnel. The hat she is wearing is sea otter fur, made and gifted to her by her uncle Kurt Barry. Her drum and bracelet were gifted to her by her parents. The bracelet is made of copper and features a hummingbird and rose design, made by Nicholas Galanin. The moccasins she is wearing are topped with sea otter fur, and were made and gifted to her by Louise Kadinger. Juliet’s dance apron was gifted, made, and designed by Alison Bremner. The apron is acrylic paint on leather and features an Eagle and Brown Bear.

Vienna Raven

Vienna is 3 years old, Tlingit, from Seattle. She is Eagle-Wolf, and her mother is Chenoa Urness. 

Regalia: Vienna’s cedar hat is accented with ermine, and was gifted to her and made by Sharon Brown. Her vest is of black and red felt material, and is decorated with mother-of-pearl buttons, abalone, and seed beaded butterflies. Her vest was made by Sharon Brown and her mother Chenoa. Vienna is also wearing moccasins made of black and red felt material with an Eagle design. These were gifted to her by Sharon Brown. Vienna’s eagle feather fan was gifted to her and made by her grandfather.

Trent Elton

Trent is 4 years old, Tlingit, from Juneau. He is Kaagwaantaan, from the Wolf House, and Kiks.ádi yádi. Trent’s Lingít name is Lt’udax’áan. His mother is Kuatoong Waughnita James-Elton. 

Regalia: The vest and the apron Trent is wearing were made by his mother, Kuatoong. It has a beaded Eagle made by his great-great grandmother and great-great grandfather, Elsie Pratt and Jacob Pratt Sr. The front of his vest features two Killer Whales and two Wolves. The two Killer Whales on the front represent his great-grandfather, Kelly James. Trent’s cedar hat was woven by his auntie Marlwilla Hughes, and his moccasins were a gift from his auntie Owena James. Trent’s Ravenstail bag was woven by his mother and his bracelet was gifted to him by his mom and dad; it features an Eagle and a Wolf design.

Sally Judith Kookesh

Sally is 3 years old, Tlingit, Koyukon Athabascan, and Alutiiq from Angoon. She is Teikweidí and L’eeneidí yádi. Her mother is Amanda Kookesh from Wrangell. 

Regalia: Sally is wearing a cedar hat that was woven by Pauline Duncan. Her blanket is lined with abalone shell buttons. The blanket and her dress were made by Lena Woods. Sally’s moccasins are moose hide Athabascan moccasins, made with beaded bear paws by her grandmother Sally Kookesh.

Lorna Olds

Lorna is 3 years old, Tlingit, from Juneau, and her family comes from Yakutat. She is Teikweidí, Xóots Hítdáx, and K’inéix Kwáan yádi. Lorna’s Lingít name is Koosk’aa. Her parents are Allyson and Jason Olds.

Regalia: Lorna is wearing a tunic made by her grandmother Tracy Aalvik. The paddles were gifted to her mom by Alison Bremner, and were designed by David R. Boxley. The headband she is wearing was borrowed from her mom, Allyson, and was gifted to her by her grandmother. Lorna also has a blanket that was gifted to her by her grandmother, Tracy, that used to be her aunt Kayla Aalvik’s. The blanket features a Bear design to represent her Teikweidí clan, and was made by Donna Wilkes.

Carver Theron Cruise

Carver is 2 years old, Tlingit, Southern Tutchone, and he comes from Haines. He is Kaagwaantaan, and his Lingít name is Shaanák’w Saayí. Carver’s mothers are Daaljíni Mary Cruise and Roz Cruise, who is L’uknax.ádi. 

Regalia: Carver’s drum is his mother’s that was made for her by Paddy Jim after her brother’s passing. The belt he is wearing is a repurposed headband that was gifted to him and made by his uncle Ricky Tagaban. His moccasins are borrowed from his sister, Enza Kindzéi Cruise, made for her by her grandma Barb Hume from the Yukon. Carver’s Chilkat robe is also borrowed from his sister. The Chilkat robe design features a forward facing Wolf, and is topped with sea otter fur. This robe was woven by Ricky Tagaban, and gifted to Carver’s sister Enza.

Anastasia Clarissa Hope

Anastasia is 2 years old, Tlingit and Inupiaq, from Juneau. She is T’akdeintaan, and child of the Inupiaq and Kiks.ádi. Her parents are Lily and Ishmael Hope.

Regalia: Anastasia’s Chilkat robe and apron were woven by her grandmother, Clarissa Rizal. This ensemble was originally made for Anastasia’s brother, Lou. Clarissa said the eyebrows on the main face of the Chilkat robe were made to look like Lou’s eyebrows. Both the robe and the apron are topped with sea otter fur.

Gracelynn Karsunky

Gracelynn is 2 years old, Tlingit, from Sitka. She is Kaach.ádi, and Kwáashk’ikwaan yádi. Gracelynn’s Lingít name is Kaanák. Her parents are Kirstin Karsunky Taat’s and Kris Karsunky. 

Regalia: Gracelynn is wearing a tunic made by her great-grandma, Dr. Ruth Demmert, and her great-auntie, Myrna Demmert, which depicts their family crest. Her woven cedar hat was made by Rose Demmert. Her headband was made by her mom, Kirsten. Gracelynn’s drum was made by her great-auntie, Myrna Demmert, and her great-uncle, Victor Demmert. The pouch she is wearing was made by Haida weaver Dr. Dolly Garza.