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Tribe: Unangax
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MEKA is a contemporary Indigenous brand based out of Seattle, Washington. Mary Kelsay (Unangax) is the founder and creative director of the brand, which was founded in 2011. She specializes in one-of-a-kind and custom pieces. MEKA recently showcased as part of Indigenous Fashion Week during the 2020 Paris Fashion Week.

MEKA is a brand that takes modern and Indigenous inspiration to create simple yet classic looks in her designs. From the very beginning, MEKA has used the world for inspiration. Whether it’s her love for warm weather beaches or the various cultures of her heritage, MEKA’s designs have always come from within. More recently in the last several years, MEKA has been digging deeper to know her Unangax history. Doing research at annual culture camps, MEKA has been able to learn more about the rich, vibrant culture that is Unangax. A favorite has been taking the masculine Aleut hunting hat worn by men when fishing to create a feminine style - putting the shape of the hat into sleeves of a sheath dress. Additional inspirations include those from basket weaving, wood carving, gut parkas, and traditional regalia. She works closely with her Native community when possible, being involved as a mentor to kids and an advocate for higher education within the Unangax community. MEKA is eager to continue to grow her business as an Alaska Native artist.