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Best of Show | Ch’áak’ Aanyádi (The High Caste Eagle) | Jerrod Galanin

Jerrod Galanin

  • Tlingit, L'uknax̱.ádi
  • Sitka, Alaska
  • Category: Carving & Sculpture: Metal
  • Hand-engraved copper, black locust wood, sea otter
  • $3,500
  • Artist comment: Copper grease bowl, Eagle design. The sea otter fur represents seal or hooligan oil. Photo credit: Caitlin Fondell
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“I come from a long lineage of Tlingit artists spanning multiple generations. I grew up watching my father and my uncle, who were also my primary mentors, practice and speak about this art and our culture, passing this knowledge on to me like a torch just as it had been from each generation before … I understand now what it means to be a carrier of this torch, a holder of the ancient knowledge and beauty of Tlingit culture. This torch in itself is a feat of resilience, of defiance, and I strive to stay true to those before me and to hopefully inspire those who come after me. I hope to leave my mark, my experiences and perceptions, before I too pass the torch.” – Jerrod Galanin

 “Formline work expertly designed and beautifully engraved. The coloring/patina of the metal is innovative and is an appealing attribute. Angles are nice and flowing. The treated copper has a stunning affect. Interesting placement of end design.” – Juror Statement